Pure Performance Advertising

appTV is a full service advertising company

We deliver the most valuable and relevant customers to advertisers and publishers through our proprietary technology that packs a threefold punch:
Advanced optimization algorithm * Programmatic media buying * Data driven performance
our combination of exclusive media deals, proactive approach, and in-depth optimization methods, enable our advertisers and publishers to reach their desired ROI.


appTV’s machine learning algorithm empowers advertisers to reach their target audience at the moment users are ready to engage in order to increase conversions and revenue. By working with our in-house creative team, we ensure high-quality performance campaigns across all platforms and ad-units.


appTV is the best place for publishers to monetize their traffic. Through our exclusive ad inventory and in-house technology, which guarantees a 100% fill-rate, we ensure that publishers maximize their profits.

appTV is your go-to-market strategy into the performance video and display market