Effective Campaigns

To deliver great results, we base our campaign management strategy on meeting your KPIs. With prediction models, accurate analytics tools and optimization techniques, our tailored technology determines the real value of a customer based on three actions: downloading, buying and engaging.

Life Time Value

appTV’s LifeTime Value optimization technology delivers maximized campaign ROI through precision targeting. By leveraging historical data, appTV’s reAdserver™ selects the traffic sources proven to deliver engaged users to our advertisers. Our technology calculates new customer acquisition costs and balances it with the projected lifetime revenue.

Advertising Channels

appTV reAdserver™ supports all screens: desktop-display, mobile, tablet and Connected TV. With each screen type, we offer a variety of ad formats using our unique ad-tags and tracking solutions: video ads, native ads and banners. Our ad-server enables all types of conversions tracking: server to server, image and script. The reAdserver™ is integrated with major third-party tracking solutions

Our Traffic

appTV has hundreds of exclusive deals with publishers, generating up to 2 billion impressions per day. Our RTB platform continuously monitors traffic to ensure quality performance while our data-driven optimization enhances the compatibility between our banners, offers and media placements. The results are new traffic, new audiences and consistent and scalable results.

Design Team

Using a unique combination of science and art, our creative team works with you to develop and optimize your marketing campaigns. By continually adding new cutting edge tools, your banners, video ads and landing pages always have the freshest designs.


Our proprietary technology was developed to conquer today’s marketing challenges. Our continuous learning algorithm builds new trafficking models every 15 minutes, ensuring your campaigns are run with the most up-to-date data to constantly improve the bidding process for both advertisers and publishers.
Our technology includes: dynamic ads, video ads and real-time bidding (RTB).