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We understand your advertising challenges as an app developer. According to our extensive experience and knowledge we developed a proven formula for learning, optimizing and maximizing your ROI in less than 60 days!

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  • Defining your Goals
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  • Reaching your Goals
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Day 1

Learning your target audience

Before we launch your campaign, we need to examine and learn your target audience. With our in-house developed tools, we are analyzing many users’ attributes such as age, gender, behavior, and so creating user profiles of your most active users. Our database includes more than 500 million unique mobile users.

Day 2

Setting up and launching

Next step is to define your goals and KPIs. According to all info we gathered, our professional team is building and launching the campaign. With our awesome creative team and proprietary creative studio, we are helping you to build the most effective ads including banners, native ads and interstitials. From the very first moment the campaign is live, our in-house technology is constantly learning the performance and optimizing towards the creatives that are giving the best results!

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DAY 3 - 30


The goal in this stage is to scale up your installs and gather data. Once the campaign is live, our machine learning technology sends a boost of traffic and starts testing different combinations of ad creatives, media sources and more. With all data gathered and stored, along with an automatic dynamic algorithm, our technology makes on-going optimization and finding the ideal lowest and competitive CPI rate.

You can follow the campaign’s performance in real-time on appTV dashboard with 100% transparency!

DAY 30 - 60


Once we have discovered the ideal CPI rate, we are aiming to find the best CPA value. By using our dynamic algorithm, we optimize the installs to achieve a specific cost-per-action.

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