appTV In The MWC 2016: Keeping Up With Trends In The Industry

April 13, 2016

As Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, that is organized by the GSMA, and is held in the Mobile World Capital Barcelona. Whereas, the Mobile World Congress is supposed to be a ‘must’ to anyone who is in the mobile industry and that is where the companies of all types show up to the congress who offer a vast variety of newest technologies and solutions in the field. Easily you can get intrigued by outstanding innovations however appTV focus was on ‘Mobile Advertising by granting some of the incredible mobile apps.

As appTV’s in-house technology is developed to provide programmatic advertising, we do that in terma of Real Time Bidder and Real Time Optimization algorithm that allows us to overcome challenges such as: ad fraud and unique ad restrictions. Additionally, it is able to analyze our data thoroughly and test for a variety of intelligent criterions. As a result, it is able to check for relevancy and match the right ad to the right user. The fact that its technology was developed in-house this gives appTV an advantage on other advertising companies, allowing it to be flexible in adding or changing features that will benefit our customers and keep us on top of our game. appTV is providing tee consumers with some of the unique mobile apps that help in promoting your business and to gain more traffic. However, they are working along many skilled app developers and very big company’s in this industry.

One of the great hypes this year was discussing the implementation of mobile advertising into virtual reality, which seems an obvious call on advertising companies to start embracing the VR world. Ad blocking sanctions was also a strong subject in the MWC agenda. The great threat to the industry and the compelling need for non-invasive advertising optimization was discussed in order to secure the industries revenue.
And that is where another main focus was enlightened known as Mobile programmatic, considered as a complete game changer in the advertising world. A common use of programmatic advertising mainly is location based targeting, although at the MWC it was stated that the secret to success is utilizing round data intelligence to create relevance and integration between ad content and format to costumer context.
One more very significant role of programmatic advertising is to deal with the common phenomenon of ad blocking due to ad fraud. So resultantly, in the near future, many advertisers and publishers would search for technological opportunities that will create advertising more targeted, suitable and intelligent and at the same time, less invasive and less damaging to the brand and to the consumers. That’s why Apptv was pretty right on their target while comparing it to the hottest trends in the market.

Similarly, the experience in the MWC was very positive. We found what we were looking for that is new partners and new opportunities. We aimed to strengthen the relationships with existing partners by receiving feedback and listening to their current needs and aspirations. As many of our clients mentioned that the traffic we are providing them with is in great quantities and in high quality, viewing us as the top ad network for quality traffic.
However, our meetings with potential clients were successful as well and they seemed very intrigued by our new technological model that focuses mainly on customer in app engagement. We were able to get new companies on board with appTV and we are looking forward to growing their success.

That’s not all, some of the great ideas to flourish your business were also granted by us. The way to increase or gain more viewers. As appTV is a full service advertising company that delivers the most valuable and relevant customers to advertisers and publishers through our proprietary technology that packs a threefold punch:

• Advanced optimization algorithm
• Programmatic media buying
• Data driven performance

The combination of exclusive media dealings, proactive approaching, and in-depth optimization methods, enables our advertisers and publishers to reach their desired ROI. Therefore, MWC was one of the best ways to explore more about the variety of consumers and to provide them with what they need and want, and also to keep in pace with the latest trends in the market.