Auctioning Your Success – appTV

April 13, 2016

The rat race of programmatic buying is stronger than ever and advertisers are constantly competing against each other on good ad placements in a variety of search engines, websites and videos. Real Time Bidding (RTB) is a media buying approach through an advertising exchange platform where publishers auction their inventory. Every impression is auctioned the moment it becomes available, on real time. With real-time bidding, each marketer sets the restrictions and the budget of their advertising campaigns, while the platform negotiates for every ad placement instantly. In the end, like any regular auctioning procedure, the highest bidder wins, but in this case it could be a matter of cents.

appTV develops an In-house bidder that functions as the brain of our technology and allows us to give publishers 100% fill rate and give our advertisers the best quality traffic for a minimum cost. Our marketing experience together with unique data testing and ongoing machine learning, allows us to not only make a bid, but to make the right one. We test each bids success rate and have an ongoing real time optimization process evaluating and monitoring our impressions. In addition, our algorithm analyzes every bid, even if we are not interested in buying it, in order to create user profiles for future use. At the moment, appTV has 300 million unique users and between 0.5 to 1 billion daily impressions. Our RTB capabilities support a broad testing process of many user criterions, allowing our algorithm to slice the publishers’ inventory into granular user segments and match the best offer to each individual segment. That way we fit the right ad to the right user!

Similarly, apptv is providing some of the most amazing Mobile apps that assist you in making the best for your business, as they are also working with a lot of highly skilled app developers and very big company’s in this industry.

Hence, prior to placing a bid, the ideal advertiser has technologies that set his limitations and tests the traffic for ultimate user segments and placements for his ads. Having said that, many advertisers are not technologically knowledgeable and lack information as for setting limitations and analyzing conversion data. That can cause overpriced campaigns, placements in irrelevant sites and low quality traffic. For that reason, RTB can be a threatening platform that is budget consuming and has a small return on the advertisers’ investment.
That being said, properly analyzing conversion data and managing the platform affectively in real time, can cause precise predictions of a successful ad placement, fitting the right ad formats in the right website, to the right customers, at the right millisecond. That’s where appTV comes in. As appTV is a performance-based advertising company which simplifies interactive advertising while maximizing revenues for both advertisers and publishers. Our devoted team helps our clients achieve their goals through a proven strategy that keeps pace with rapidly evolving industry requirements. We offer tailor-made services with a flexible and dynamic approach to meet the competitive demands of our clients.

Therefore, the proposal of your successful business could be done by appTV since it is capable of doing so as well it has been making the wants of its’ consumers into reality by making the Mobile Apps that are very much beneficial to your business.