It’s Time You Boost Your Revenue!

April 26, 2016

As an advertiser, it can be quite frustrating when your mobile app does not attract much traffic. Of course, the traffic you get transforms into revenue and your income depends on it. At times, it has to do with quality and limited ad formats. Publishers are not easy to please as they are always on the lookout for a performance that inculcates high standards and creative technology. When you have limited options and have no possible solution, that’s where appTV enters with its magical solutions. As an advertising company that makes the interface of advertising interactive which in turn boots revenues for both parties – publishers and advertisers – appTV has the required set of skills, providing an approach that’s not only innovative but meets your challenging demands.

Why am I saying this? I experienced it! Having a fully-developed app but hardly getting to score any traffic or even sales for that matter, I had to go through a depressing phase. Every day I looked for spreading the message on social networks hoping that it would boost my sales. Putting sales aside, the app did not even get many impressions which were an obvious indication that the business was going to end up in loss. It was a fortunate day that I came across appTV and its smart solutions. My experience over the past 6 months has been very positive. Not only has my app reaped profits and usership, I have been able to manage so many intricacies and understand the contemporary solutions of running a business.

Combined with third party monitoring solutions and proactively developed tools by its creative team, appTV increased my app performance with the provision of effective campaigns. I never knew what a change a better ad placement could bring about. Hats off to their inventive technology of course. With real-time engagement along with varied price models – not only the small businesses are able to cope with their budget, they are provided with the opportunity to go for video ad placements, experience display responses and optimizing the campaigns. What else can you ask for?
When I first came across appTV, I was surprised to see the wide range of ad formats they had. The Display Advertising included all ranges: standard display, pop up/under and unique ads. These subsequently had options of sizes too. Coming to pre/mid/post roll placements, they had HD and Standard Media both. I looked into HD and that applied to mobile, computers and connected TVs. Having seeing this variety, I was sure I’d be offered much more and there it was, their pioneering technology supported the targeting chapter with in-house tools that I could never had done myself. Not only did it save me money with specific targeting being demonstrated, my app attracted relevant audience. That means compared to the number of impressions each ad or installs got – the traffic was converting into revenue as well.

Running an app store is not a venture that one can easily handle. There’s so much to manage and with the online world full of scams, you have to ensure that your brand is safe and shielded against any malware or suspicious content. appTV became my source of protection and provided me optimized monitoring for this target. They provided me with innovative media, marketing and inventory tools which had a profound yet positive effect on my sales.
Just think about it – your ads are everywhere – from web, mobile and other connected devices such as TV and you have worldwide targeting along with customized campaigning which is available in 10 or more languages, need you ask for more?

I am one of the most satisfied users of appTV with all my user-interfaces being managed by this performance-based company with such creative team members that ever since I joined their community, I haven’t had a single moment of worry reach me. Running a mobile app seems so much fun with each day only getting better. If you too are losing hope and need to boost your revenue, go ahead with appTV. You won’t have a moment of regret! The ball is in your court. The success depends on your discretion.