Increase Your Revenue

Working with the top 500 global websites and maintaining direct deals with high-quality advertisers, appTV ensures that publishers receive ads which meet high standards and in a variety of new ad formats. Through our innovative in-house technology, we continually optimize our advertiser’s offers and creative tools, allowing publishers to enjoy higher quality performance.

Quality And Demand

By working with leading agencies and direct advertisers, we are able to find the best performing advertisers for your ad placements. To guarantee that each ad on your site meets your quality standards, we use a combination of in-house developed tools and third party monitoring solutions such as Media Trust and Geoedge Ad Integrity.

Real Time Bidding

Our platform enables you to monetize your ad placements from additional advertiser liquidity via our in-house RTB platform and monetization algorithm. appTV guarantees a 100% fill rate by including a variety of trusted external advertisers and branded campaigns.

Real Time Optimization

Our innovative ad technology analyzes and evaluates each impression to display the ad which will generate the highest revenue. We slice your inventory into granular user segments and match the best offer to each individual segment, allowing us to serve the right ad to the right user at the right time!

Dashboard & Reporting

Our system provides real-time insights into your revenue channels and current trends to show you additional monetization opportunities.