How appTV Makes It Happen

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Our team brings new advertisers from a variety of industries, offering diverse
vertical representation.

Integrated Media Sources (RTB)

We integrate with tens of SSP’s (supply side platforms) to enable publishers to manage their advertisers and extend their inventory. With over one billion exposures per day, that’s about 300 million daily impressions.

Managed Publishers

Our media buying team is constantly developing direct relationships with global publishers (web & mobile app developers) based on our advertisers’ needs and campaign efficiency.

Dynamic Creative Engine

Our module creates ads automatically and, based on their performance, generates optimized ads.

Creative Quality Engine

Our system analyzes different parameters from each individual creative, this then filters out low quality/performing creatives and optimizes the best creatives to show on each campaign.

Traffic Quality Engine

Our system analyzes different parameters of traffic sources to filter out low quality sources and possible fraudulent activity.


Our in-house technology platform

Targeting Engine

Our algorithm targets user behavior & interests, technographic (device type, operating system,, etc.) and location based data.

Decisioning Engine

Our system analyzes 38 different criteria in order to make the most precise bid.

Auctioning Engine

Our auction system, powered by our machine learning algorithm, bids the most efficient price to secure ad placements on a given publisher.

Tracking Engine

We track LTV (LifeTime Value) and other performance KPI’s. We input that data into our algorithm to improve your campaign performance in real-time.

Reporting & BI

We store data granularly, both at a user and impression level. These data points give us the ability to create precise user profiles and highly optimized algorithms which enhance your campaign performance. Our advanced reporting tools help you visualize and analyze your data, and make real-time decisions.

Monitoring & Alert

Our monitoring layer continuously searches for possible issues and flags activity in real-time.