What do App Developers really need?

April 13, 2016

You can always develop an app for your required purpose but getting it reached to your anticipated crowd is not an easy task. Let’s see from one of the app developers how he had to work to get it started. It all started happening when Louis decided to launch his online business of a shopping store through an app. The idea attracted him and he wanted to give it a start as soon as possible. He had to follow few steps, introduced an app whilst the growing concern was how to make customers and to raise awareness among potential buyers. He thought that his app could easily be reached through appropriate advertisements.

However, gradually he came to realize that this would not help enough in gaining customers and fulfilling the goal unless some professionals guide him with the advertisements. Louis primary aim was to give a boost to his business and app to earn as much profit as he can on his investment. For this matter, he started looking for a good advertising company to help me with the upsurge of his business. He came across different companies all offering promising techniques to outgrow the installs and handle the app of his online shopping store. None of them seemed to be up to his determined level.
Nonetheless, he kept looking for an opportunity to promote the app, looking at different ways to attract people to get engaged with the app in purchasing the products he had invested on. This required strategies that attracted the online shopaholic, an approach that drew the attention of the projected buyers to get actual genuine results.

As his lucky charm got into action, Louis was introduced to an ever growing advertising company – appTV, offering its latest technology, quality performance based advertising solutions, efficient marketing strategies to the clients. Certainly, appTV caters to powerful advertising strategy to attract potential customers. It has in house developed technology based on a team of experts and professionals. Their advertising solution surely leads to a pinnacle.
appTV focus moves beyond from an ordinary CPI to a more strong and dynamic model of CPI. This model helps the estimated algorithm identify the potential buyers with a quality marketing strategy and attract the right buyers for the purchase. It leads a good traffic to the mobile app and makes the most of ROI, the profit of your investment. The dCPI (dynamic CPI) model works on an estimation of 7 days vigorously focusing on CPI’s throughout all the engaged publishers. The algorithm helps in locating the best publisher getting the best result for the advertisers and determines the ideal ad placement for their site.

The dCPI model tends to be positive and effective. By identifying the potential publishers, the advertisers give an increase in the revenue of the publishers. On the other hand, the advertisers win high quality traffic that spurt the ROI as desired.
The dCPI model was executed for Louis shopping app. The most important part is that it helps in measuring good traffic for a new app. The customers start using the app for more information about the offered services and products. In addition, this help in maintaining the customers’ reliability on the services which get promoted through the appropriate advertising, and this increase the number of viewership as well as the usership.
The best part about the advertising is the humongous traffic reaching the app, which increases the number of installs of the app, which keeps on expanding with the time. The more the traffic, the more chances built for a successful SEO. It also helps in becoming the top searched mobile app on Google, Apple and other search engines. Advertising definitely becomes a hallmark in improving the boosting the usage of an app. The online marketing campaigns act as an attractive tool for the customers, which help in knowing the different products, price and its usage. These strategies lead in building more and more clients, reliability and ultimately lead to the fame of a mobile app.

Louis’ experience of consulting appTV proved to be fruitful. More people started downloading his app; more orders were received. The customers’ reviews helped in growing the standards of reliability of the shopping. Therefore, if you wish to enhance growth in your business app, and increase the sales of your product/services, Advertising is the way to go! Though you can come across many advertising company with contemporary marketing strategies, however the best to rely on is appTV.